A little bit about me:

I am an IT professional who specializes in business  analysis. I look at current business processes to see how technology can improve work flow and employee and management productivity. I have found that through disruptive innovation employees can break old time consuming habits and focus more on the task or customer at hand. This results in not only improved processes but greater employee and customer satisfaction. Projects that I have managed range from building and managing an IT network and infrastructure to iOS point of sale systems, Voice over IP systems and IP Camera security systems to name a few. All of these projects have helped the organization take the lead in their respective businesses as well as significantly help the bottom line.

I am a problem solver. I look at a situation from the technology side as well as the business and human sides. I try to formulate a solution that will have the best possible outcome at the lowest cost for each side. I stand ready to apply the newest technology and train the users at all levels within the organization.

I am proficient at codeveloping an IT strategy with high level management to achieve their current and long term business goals.

I am a technology nut. I spend more time and money than I probably should on emerging technologies, gadgets, software and hardware to understand there potential benefits and shortcomings.  When evaluating these new technologies I ask “Why” as often as “How”.

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