First time “Winter Texans”

Our home for the winter in Mission, TX.

We have spent our entire lives in areas that experience a true winter. Winters with all of the amenities such as snow, cold and all of the joy and frustrations associated with them. Once we decided to quit our jobs, sell the house and everything in it and go on “Liberty” we knew our winters would be spent in areas where is snow is an anomaly not the norm.

We considered Arizona and Florida but settled on South Texas. Arizona and Florida have a lot to offer but we were attracted to the low cost of living, temperate climate and the Hispanic culture of the Rio Grande Valley. The people are fantastic, the food is amazing and 60 degrees is considered cold. As a bonus, the valley is popular with “Winter Texans” aka snowbirds. As a result there are plenty of RV parks to choose from. They range from modest to quite luxurious (and expensive). If your tastes are modest, you can find a beautiful place to spend the winter quite affordably.

So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. At first, our park here in Mission, TX was fairly empty. The Winter Texans that own several of the park model homes and mobile homes were still up north. They have been filtering in since the start of the holidays and northern snow. It is a completely different dynamic now but still great. We are meeting new people and making friends every day.

While we are technically full-time Texans. It’s been a great experience workamping in the RGV and living the Winter Texan lifestyle and we look forward to spending the rest of the winter here.

I will post in greater detail our workamping experiences thus far and will go into further detail about life on the border.

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